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Letting Guide



At Bishops our letting agents offer a range of services from the basic “tenant find only” to “guaranteed let”, where even if the property is empty we will guarantee to pay our landlords rent on the same day of each month for as long as our contract lasts.

Landlords: Helping you let your property
From valuing your property to helping you find a tenant, Bishops are here to help you each step of the way. Read more…

Tenants: Helping you find a property to rent
Finding a property to rent can be stressful. At Aston and Co, our letting agents in Wigston and Syston are here to help you find a property that meets your individual requirements. Read more… Looking for a property to rent in Wigston, Syston or Leicester? Check out our available properties...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the property accept Housing Benefits?
It all depends on the landlord of the property, but if you give us a call regarding the property that you are interested in and we’ll help to advise you if it does or not. If not, don’t worry, we can give you information on the properties we have that accept housing benefits.

How much do I have to pay up front?
Usually with a rented property a bond and the first months’ rent is asked for. The bond is usually the same amount as the rent. This doesn’t have to be given to us until your credit check has been performed and we have let you know the outcome.

What is a bond for?
The bond is placed in a scheme called the Deposit Protection Scheme and this is kept there for the duration of your tenancy. It is put there for the security of the landlord and the property, at the end of the tenancy we as the managing agents come out and inspect the property then report our findings to the landlord and if there happy with everything inside the property then this will be paid back to you in due course. However if the landlord finds something that needs repair they can legally take some of your DPS money and repair their property giving you the remainder.